News for 3/27/12:

First news in three years! And the site is up again! Welcome back people!

      News for 1/27/09:

LikeMyHaiku made a friend! Everyone is invited to visit, a site with weekly haiku challenges. We truly live in the golden age of online haiku websites.

      News for 1/4/09:

I've added pagination to the Rankings page, so it now displays 50 haiku at a time and should load faster.

I've also changed the way haiku appear on the main page. There's now a 90% chance of showing a haiku out of the most recent 100. So now newer haiku should collect votes much faster.

      News for 1/1/09:

Happy New Year everyone. I finished adding monthly awards to the site; you'll notice the new top 10 link on all the pages. You'll also see little trophies by the top 3 haiku for each month.

So the main page works by picking a random haiku to show each time the page loads. There's a growing issue that with 400+ poems, new haiku aren't getting voted on as much or as quickly. I'm hoping that adding the Top Ten makes voting more exciting, and I'm also going to change the randomness of the main page, so that newer and less voted haiku have more chance of appearing. So if you're new to the site and your haiku aren't getting many votes, hopefully your experience will slowly upgrade into the one you deserve. And if everyone would take some time and vote more, that would be ideal.

I see that the Rankings page is getting slow to load. I'm going to solve that soon as well, probably by breaking it into pages. These are good problems, the pains of growth.

      News for 12/07/08:

Hey everybody! I gave the site some improvements. The message system looks more like an email program now. If you have any unread messages, you'll have an alert on your Your Haiku page. A big thing, you can write a message up to 10000 characters; I know the 500 limit was annoying before. I also made the words "Like This Haiku?" and "Vote!" on the main page into pics, so everyone will see the same font.

I kind of changed the subject of all previously existing messages to "0", so um..sorry about that. The new system is a lot better though, messages will get noticed now.

Next up, I'm going to flush out the forum and start using it to get more of a community feel going. And maybe make a top 5 haiku of the month listing. And, hopefully around new year's, there will be a major expansion of the site called Battleku. So be excited.

      News for 10/09/08: is in the newspaper! There was a nice story about the site is the Waukesha Freeman, close enough to being my home town's local paper. The story isn't online in a way I can link to, but you can see it here.

As I've said before, a warm welcome to all the new haiku fans and poets who have arrived here, please make yourselves at home.