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8.67 9 damn haiku snipers
running by shooting out 1's
like it means nothing

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Date Posted: 12/05/2019

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Haiku Harry Commented on 02/13/2009:

I gave you a 10 to even out the score.
Those bastages!

Blackdogace Commented on 03/11/2009:

Damn straight! I'm with you on that
one. You get a 10 for calling out the

owen Commented on 09/06/2009:

Yes they do. Down with the ones of the ones. I gave
you a 10.

Austera Commented on 10/03/2009:

THANK YOU, someone really had to say it.
Ten props.

Khazuhira Miller Commented on 11/21/2017:

Gahh! They played us like a damn fiddle!