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7.73 45 autumn winds whisper
and suddenly every tree
feels free to litter

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Date Posted: 10/15/2018

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Rozlynne Commented on 10/17/2008:

I love the line, "...feels free to
litter." It gives the tree a
personification tone to it, that I
simply adore. Great writing, kepp it up.

bliss Commented on 11/10/2008:

Wonderful. I agree with Rozlynne and
love the way you expressed yourself
here. I am so new at this, how do you
vote? Please explain when you find
time. Thank you.

Russ Commented on 03/02/2009:

Nice, I like the iliteration of W and near ryme of second
and third line. And making a timeless image very
contempory. Thanks

Alex Commented on 05/30/2015:

The last line was really original - "litter" was great.
My only problem is the use of "whisper" - not so
original. I would recommend replacing this with a
more imaginative word. Nevertheless, good haiku.

TRDSlibre Commented on 10/05/2018:

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