Like My Products Look at those clothes you're wearing, that hat on your head, you know what you're doing wrong? Unless you've clicked here before, you're not a walking advertisement for So click here to check out clothes, cups, caps, and more great merch covered in helpful reminders of your favorite haiku website.
Haiku Very Much is a fellow haiku site, offering a new haiku challenge each week. They pick a topic, say "Obama", and then everyone sends in their Obama haiku, and they read them and display the best ones. It's most of the same the fun you find at LikeMyHaiku, with a cuter name.
Help end world hunger When I first heard of this site I thought, sounds great, rice is tasty. It turns out the free rice isn't for you, because you don't need it, hungry folk worldwide do. But here's what's in it for you, you get to play fun and educational vocabulary games, and when you win they donate their ad money to the UN World Food Program. So have fun, redeem humanity, and learn bigger words to describe how great you are - that has to be worth buying your own rice.